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MAP 2018 plans [68]

Vanguard Interior Design for the Museum of Applied Arts

Kristóf Göbölyös and colleagues have imagined a sharp new vision for the historical building by Ödön Lechner. The Art Nouveau exterior and the pixellated, gridlike interior structure clashes inside the space but the craftsmanship and the universality of design bring them together.

Extending the Period

The diploma-work of Zsófia Szigeti is an extension of her former school, which was in desperate need of new - primarily outdoor - spaces. While she incorporated the current building into her plan, she put the new functions, the gymnasium, the dining hall and the supplementary premises, in a...

Kindergarten and temporary foster home

As her diploma, Anna Bálint designed a kindergarten and temporary foster home in Magdolna quarter that is considered one of the most underdeveloped neighborhood in Budapest. Her idea is to extend the new kindergarten function by adding a temporary placement is based on needs of the district, to...

Camp nearby the amusement park

Márta Schmidt in her masterproject worked on the location of the Amusement Park of Pécs. Her concept was to design accomodations in the Mecsek and in the neighborhood which are found in the nature though they are located quite closedby to the city.