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MAP 2018 buildings [75]

Steel-spirited Stadium in Miskolc

KÖZTI Architects has entirely remodeled an old stadium in Miskolc with the help of reinforced concrete and steel structural elements. The new building has the capacity to accommodate nearly 15000 people and celebrate the regional fascination with football games.

Homage to Socialist Modernism - Monument to an Era

Tamás Berecz and Attila Batár approached István Szabó's representative work of socialist modernism as an 'urban found object': slowly stripping away the unnecessary additions and extensions that were distorting the original design. Andor Wesselényi-Garay's exposition suggests the former...

The Graphic Designer’s House

The project from Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop is a juxtaposition of traditional architectural background and nonconformist solutions such as the unconventional material-use and several hidden details. The client, being a designer had closely worked with the team in developing the final...

Compact Clad Home in Pesthidegkút

Tamás Fialovszky, Gergő Jedlicska, Gergely Kenéz from Építész Stúdió accepted a project in a confined location that engendered the virtue of their design as the tower-like structure became the modern, narrow home of a big family, which also salvages some of the materials from its...