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MAP 2017 plans [79]

Pebl of Danube

The project got its name “Dunakavics”(Pebl of Danube) because in its final form it resembles a stack of pebbles, which can be associated with the functions of relaxation and recreation, and the name itself refers to the name of a type of Hungarian national sweets.

Museum and factory under one roof

The planning project, the renovation of the monumental building of the Tettye-forrásház in Pécs, as well as the creation of community value, are the primary goal of Eszter Resch's concept. The original role of a source is water collection, storage and supplying some of the city with drinking...

Rakpart22 - Condominium and Office Building

The Rakpart22 is the first work of the newly formed Olla Architect Studio. It is their intention to put freshness in the property market in Győr, highlighting the mushroom-style growing condominium. The design details, the materials and the fresh colors are all intended to serve this purpose.