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MAP 2017 buildings [71]

An Icon on the Danube Bank

Duna Aréna, made by Marcel Ferencz DLA and György Détári DLA [Napur Architect Co.] has a rational structure, meanwhile, it imitates the flow of the Danube. "Spaces flowing into one another feature the interior of the Aréna. The central skylight impresses us as if we were looking upward...

Perspectives of Faith

As a pilgrimage site for the Greek Orthodox community, Máriapócs is a place where people go for encountering the divine. The buildings by Ferenc Salamin and Pál Salamin provide for this sacred experience, without eliminating or shutting out the everyday life of the surrounding square. 

Suggestive symmetry

Convey the feeling at first sight – in the case of the Multicontact Consulting office’s makeover, the Level Up Office Design team was commissioned with the task to create a space that is capable of this.