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MAP 2017 buildings [71]

An Optimized Shape -Transformer

"István Kistelegdi has created yet another complex prototype with Spring Point Energy House, which is a model for sustainability and energy-efficiency in every single component, even though it appears to have a light and airy structure." - states Dávid Bán. 

Where from, where to

The project of the NOKIA Skypark Office Centre is the most prominent lease transaction since the crisis, and the biggest office built by ZDA Zoboki Építésziroda [Zoboki's Architecture Office]. 

Laser Centre in Szeged

A research center was established in Szeged for studying the basic physical issues of the 21st century, and the elemental interaction of light and matter. The architect, Géza Szőkedencsi had to create a platform and an enduring place for research and inspiration. 

Block of flats, stitched together

The architects' decision was to marry the two clashing characters in Barbakán Square and design a building suitable for living and working. These plans of Ferenc Cságoly and Ferenc Keller finish off the building block in Pécs.