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MAP 2016 plans [65]

Characteristic multimedia tower

The city hall’s main entrance marked with a characteristic tower, a multifunctional courtyard, holographic projector, music boxes, and a colorful flower market – these elements are typical of the plan of Péter Kovács DLA and his team [Archiko] prepared for the competition announced for the...

Wood pellet plant - Felsőtárkány, Hungary

In the work of Bálint Laczkó-Pető the question was, how possibly can an industrial building be identical to the technology hosted in it, and at the same time to supremely respect the unique natural environment of a neighbouring National Park and with its function to provide  work for living...

Healing garden at Lipótmező

Zsófia Csonka set a target to renew one of Hungary's largest psychiatric institutions and garden. She has dealt with the garden in two scales; has been watching a 21st century health care expectations and conservation principles. The design is innovative and conservative at the same time.

Reverse: multifunctional pavilion

Gábor Kovács, Attila Páll and Arnold Tóth - the students of University of Pécs - designed such summer pavilion in Central Park that provocatively calls our attention to the importance of technology's social role. With this plan, they won Arquideas special prize.