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MAP 2016 buildings [91]

Pilgrim Center in Szentkút

By the foot of the Mátra-mountains, there is a pilgrim center in the poetic poetic Mátraverebély. The awakening shrine perfectly fits into the nature. During the planning, Tamás Nagy and his team's aim was to create a place that is profane and sacred, old and new at the same time.

Nature and harmony at home

Annamária Dékány designed a high quality apartment in Budapest what is characterised by the spectacular view, the nearby Buda mountains and a big terrace. Both the client whom the architect had work before and Annamária are proud of this project.

Paradoxon: reconstruction of a villa in Buda

The villa in Buda, what was renovated by László Benczúr ifj. and Miklós Weichinger, is a reminiscent of the early 20th century. The building is a mixture of old and new, contemporary elements, it's kind of a paradoxon and it won the 3rd place of the Creaton Architectural Competition. 

Piricske, my darling

Crossing the borders of Hungary, there's a hiding wooden house in the hilly area of Transylvania, which has already served two generations and countless holidays and been a witness of endless parties. The young owners wanted to save it from the decay so they asked Supernova team to renew and...

Black and White House

The Black and White House is situated in Kamaraerdő, one of the most pleasant parts of Budaörs, a small and prestigious garden suburb of the Hungarian capital Budapest. László Földes and Péter Sónicz's main idea was not a simple addition, rather adjusting an entire new annex to the...