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MAP 2016 buildings [91]

Snow-white villa in Debrecen

The villa in Debrecen, designed by Péter Kovács DLA, can be described as a tripartite building with transparent spaces, classical arrangement, total closure toward the street, and an immaculate whiteness. The building’s wall-like appearance is eased by the rotating blades. 

Vodafone pop-up store and community space

After Nanavízió participating in an invitation only competition by Vodafone, they had the chance to design a cool urban space for them. It had to be an inspiring space bursting with creative energy, a place where students can gather to talk, study or work together.

Cultur barn in Nyárádszentsimon by MOME students

The class of 15 students and their tutors (Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen) created a real barn in Nyárádszentsimon, Transylvania, which is a creative artistic space with the possibility of hosting exhibitions and operating as a sleeping place for artists. The project was designed by Áron...