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MAP 2015 PLANS [61]

Reformed Funeral Parlor in Terehegy

Gábor Bódi, Ákos Szabó, Gábor Szarvas, Árpád Trencsényi were commissioned by the Reformed Parish in Terehegy to design a multi-purpose funeral parlor and community building which is a simple, covered and open structure. It marks the location of the catafalque and gives some space for the...

Spirit regeneration center

The subject of my diploma is an actual problem. The gipsy integration in the society, is more than necessary. Benjamin Trippo in his plan designed an education center where children can learn while they have fun and also find something they like to do. 

Football Stadium for the MTK Football Club

A Football Stadium for the MTK Football Club to house a football academy and 5000 fans around the center field. In this competition entry the architects have put the following criteria in front of then to meet with their design. This is a 100-year-old club with a lot of heritage to preserve...