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MAP 2015 PLANS [61]

Atonement chapel on Normafa

As the reasoning of László Mórucz for the design of his thesis project says: ‘My goal was (...) to draw attention to an almost-forgotten Christian task of the Hungarians, to a movement and to the weight and importance of their task.’ The vision of the graduate student of the Széchenyi...

Nyugati Transitional Living - SPACE

Many urban design concepts were prepared for the organization of Nyugati Railway Station and its surroundings; however, since the program of the Government District, which stopped in 2008, no investment was carried out in this area. The former MÁV buildings were emptied and the values were...

The temporary utilization of the Nyugati Grund

The main focus of Andrea Sipos' thesis falls on a spot-like railway area that can be the starting point for a linear element connecting into the greenery system. The thesis is on temporary utilization, in particular the temporary utilization of the unused property of Nyugati Railway Station.