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Lovely yard for the school!

The project has been started in 2016, when the Berze-Nagy János Highschool invited a group of architecture students from the MOME Institute of Architecture to design and create some objects to the schoolyard. As a result of the cooperation in the previous summer a structure for contemplation and relaxation got realized on the schoolyard. 

The lower level of the building is designed with benches, the upper level gives protected place for community activities. This year the task was to develop further the already existing object with the participation of architecture and design students in the leadership Renáta Pomázi and Áron Vass-Eysen. During the camp with the help of the highschool students the team has designed four suspended resting structure and three objects, which are standing on legs. The sizes, forms, dimensions of the new designs are different, but they create a great harmony with the previously installed main object and they provide new possibilities for resting. The team is looking forward to continue the cooperation next year also.

MOME Építészeti Intézet

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