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Library in the Suburbs

In his thesis, Mátyás Bitay is focusing on a new public library in a Hungarian town, Kecskemét. It is a historical, cultural and theoretical study that gives a wider perspective for his architectural programme. He is searching for answers to what kind of spaces, tools and know-how does a contemporary public library need on a site that is lacking public spaces.

In my masterwork, I am focusing on a public library in a Hungarian suburb. My goal is to integrate both the building and the institution into its surroundings. By reflecting its function, my aim is to create an open space system with public spaces connected to the surrounding park, and by incorporating the upper levels of the building, it becomes more intimate. Among the functionally separated levels, I am making the institution's internal operation more transparent through half-level shifts, galleries and atriums, in which separate groups can follow each other.

Mátyás Bitay


MOME Építészeti Intézet

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