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Letting light into the stomach of the cetacean - the auditorium of the Education Center of Pécs Clinical Center

The large lecture hall of the Education Center of Pécs Clinical Center cried for a “facelift”, and Béla Tildi and his team were willing to do the job. The dark oak veneers were replaced by light maple; and instead of the accidental stairs and uncomfortable benches, there are functional and comfortable furniture – and now light and an airy dynamism dominate the space instead of a heavy atmosphere.

The Education Center is located in the eastern wing, which considerably protrudes from the contour line of the 400-bed clinic building. From the classroom corridor two entrances open to the lower floor of the auditorium, providing a barrier-free access to the hall. Here is the entrance to the educational wing, the lobby of the auditorium with a 220-place cloakroom and a generous staircase leading to the upper floor entrance of the auditorium.

The quasi-trapezoid block of the auditorium dominantly stand out of the two-storey flat building, accommodating a steeply rising medical lecture hall. The interior was completely renewed: safer steps were built with lower slope and a new suspended ceiling was also created. This is a monolithic ceiling made from gypsum plasterboard with concealed line lighting that runs along the side walls in a gill-like form.

In the auditorium, the high-performance projector, which can be operated both from the control room and by remote control, was placed in the benches due to the geometry of the room. The projector is equipped with remote-controlled projection screen too.


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