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Let's meet between the facades

The diploma work of Barbara Mészáros is a community place on the site of a former picture-theather. Her idea is to create a meeting ground by a two-faceted structure. 

The subject of my diploma project was given by the chosen site itself. The area on the Kőszeg Várkör was once used for the terrace of a picture-theater. The state of this green island is really disordered nowadays, only the concrete blocks remind us that it was an integral part of the city.

Probably the aforementioned abandonment is what makes this area so popular among local youth. On warm summer nights, they get together on the ruins, listen to music and have fun. I thought that by arranging this area I am making a favor as I set up a community point for them.

In one-half of the building, there is a multifunctional space, which can be tailored to the needs with the mobile "Treehouse" furniture (designed by Dymitr Malcew). You can bring up games from the storage. By setting up a mobile stage, you can have concerts, and you can watch movies on large surfaces. Due to the two-faceted facade, large windows give light in winter, while in summer rusted perforated steel sheet mobile walls provide shading and ventilation. The same rusty plate goes back to the garden pavilions, seating arrangements.


In the other half of the building, there is a café and information point that can work with the multifunctional space, but it also stands as an independent unit.
My aim, in my diploma project that this area becomes the scene of community life again, creating a beautiful contrast between the past and something completely new.

Barbara Mészáros



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