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landscape & habitation [plan] [32]

creating new or revitalization of urban districts, public places, parks, habitation or region

Idea competition for developing the town centre of Rákospalota – awarded with shared 3rd prize, concepct of Mérték Architectural Studio

On the urbanistical idea competition for developing the town centre of Rákospalota, the concept was awarded with shared 3rd prize made by the team of Mérték Architectural Studio led by Gergely Paulinyi Dr. and András Reith Dr. In the concept, many valuable thoughts were emerged, with...

Amphitheater wrapped in a bubble

In autumn 2010, the local municipality launched an open international competition for the development and revitalization of the Festival Square of Kosice. The main aim was to make the once legendary open-air theatre, the so-called Amphitheater, become one of the dominant cultural and social...