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landscape & habitation [plan] [32]

creating new or revitalization of urban districts, public places, parks, habitation or region

The Múzeumkert (Museum Garden) as a gem

In their plan submitted to the ideas competition for the design of the Múzeumkert rehabilitation, Balázs Almási and his creative partners aimed to establish a garden that fully meets today’s requirements, represents the innovative technologies of the 21th century, yet every part of it is...

Reverse: multifunctional pavilion

Gábor Kovács, Attila Páll and Arnold Tóth - the students of University of Pécs - designed such summer pavilion in Central Park that provocatively calls our attention to the importance of technology's social role. With this plan, they won Arquideas special prize.

The new Nyugati Square

Nyugati Square is one of the busiest traffic junctions of Budapest, where nearly 100,000 people turn out a day. People arriving at Nyugati Railway Station are entering the city through this symbolic town gate. The redesign of the image and structure of the square, being largely outdated and...

The renewal of Palotanegyed

The strategic aim of the program is to renew functionally the cultural and architectural heritage, also that of the public spaces, to strengthen the unique cityscape character, to increase the tourist attractiveness of the city, to enhance the student quarter nature of the area and, furthermore,...