architecture : urban : visual culture

landscape & habitation [plan] [39]

creating new or revitalization of urban districts, public places, parks, habitation or region

The ’Seed’ of Budakalász

The town of Budakalász decided to host an architectural design competition to find a solution to reconstruct the memory of the church, and to reconnect it with the town. In this concept, Péter Márkus designed the reflections of the church. 

Budakalász at it's core

Gyula Takács redesigned the Kálvária Park and the ruins of the Medieval church in Budakalász. In his concept, the ruins and the new building are in contrast with each other, highlighting the characteristics and the volume of the medieval church.

New, Trendy District in the 11th

The BudaPart development area has quite exceptional conditions. The city center is just 3.5 kilometers away, so we can practically speak of a downtown location. Placed directly near the River Danube, the 12-hectare public park and recreation environment developed around the Lágymányosi Bay...

Consistent Materials, Acute Angles

For the competition of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, made for young architects, a remodeling of the historical center in Székesfehérvár was proposed. The design of Soma Ránki, Ákos Sógor, and András Weiszkopf combined homogenous materials with structurally complex solutions that made the...