architecture : urban : visual culture

landscape & habitation [building] [25]

creating new or revitalization of urban districts, public places, parks, habitation or region

Tiny fairyland among the trees

Tree houses to the stream coast. Imola Zsóka Fazakas designed 5 different wooden houses with slightly different proportions, which are placed on trees alongside the stream. She aimed to keep in the traditional sense and nature of a wooden tree house phenomenon. 

Building Camp by MOME

For the past decade, the summer building camp has been a defining event of architecture training at MOME Institute of Architecture. Launched by Tamás Nagy, the program has since become a tradition under the guidance of Csaba Kovács and Áron Vass-Eysen as an initiation ceremony for first year...

Lovely yard for the school!

The project has been started in 2016, when the Berze-Nagy János Highschool invited a group of architecture students from the MOME Institute of Architecture to design and create some objects to the schoolyard. As a result of the cooperation in the previous summer a structure for contemplation...

Colorful play/playground on Kőhegy

Instead of usual standard solutions finally here is a playground that can really stimulate children with its orange, pink and blue colors and paintable walls. In addition, Borbála Király-Salgó and Dániel Kontra also added a lookout spot to the experience, to where orange railing leads the...