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Lake Shore Next to the Lido

 The most sensitive point of the design task is the integration of the newly created community space compared to its former environment. That is how to make free public access to public space accessible to everyone?  

It is proposed to divide the area into four structural units. In the center of the community center, on the narrowest section between József Attila Street and the lakeshore. The ferris wheel and the space directly adjacent to it. A labyrinth created as a highlight. As well as the play area.

The space should form a new unit so that locals and tourists alike feel their own, express their feelings, their personality, their desires. Smaller events can be easily organized in the multifunctional building and on the surface created around it. As a unique solution, the building's terrace can serve as a stage. The great advantage and function of the area is that the beach can concentrate huge foot traffic on an established oasis. The concept is to make this pedestrian traffic not just purposefully pedestrianized, but also for people to enter the area and spend time there. The intimate grove, surrounded by a dense wooded area, remains accessible to pedestrians and the distraction of motor traffic is removed from the focus of the area.

Competition urban plan of lake shore of Lake Shore next to the lido in Hajdúszoboszló, Architect: Losoncz D. Tibor, 2019.


Design principles: Transparent and open space. Establishing a street-lake connection. Traditional and modern contemporary forms. Entertainment, relaxation and relaxation for all ages. Accessible accessibility. Season extension role. Easy to maintain and clean installations and covers. Durable vegetation that requires little care.



The multifunctional community building, with its modest height and mostly glazed walls, does not pull out of space, but instead draws an eye-catching link between the street and the lake, if the lake itself would not do so. It consists of three sections, one central hall and two sides with wings with a traditional appearance with a double water roof. The terrace has direct access to the west. The glass surfaces are tinted and have a refractive layer. Although the connecting part is covered with translucent glass, the pergola structure casts enough shade for a comfortable stay.

The covered seating is designed to provide a comfortable stay. In addition, there is a patio over the lake and a seating area facing the street. If desired, the hall with an impressive ceiling height can accommodate other events such as exhibitions or other manifestations. The patio railing above the lake can be removed to give room for a new surface feature - an outdoor water stage that can be seen by the audience from boats floating in the lake.

Competition urban plan of lake shore of Lake Shore next to the lido in Hajdúszoboszló, Architect: Losoncz D. Tibor, 2019.


Community Space: The cozy wheel-shaded space with tiny cobblestone, shaded with tree foliage and pergolas awaits those who want to relax. There are benches in a circular shape around the trees of the square and a rotary table with seating. In the summer heat, thirst can be alleviated with the water of a constantly spouting drinking fountain.

Competition urban plan of lake shore of Lake Shore next to the lido in Hajdúszoboszló, Architect: Losoncz D. Tibor, 2019.

Pier: Opposite to the ferris wheel, a 22 meter diameter pier and harbor stands as a shadow reflection. Its inner ring is a cascaded seating area, the enclosed water area within the circle is suitable for recreational purposes, but can also be used as a sunbathing surface on a water surface, or as a pond pool.
Labyrinth: The building that closes the western side of the idea competition site partially extends to the "beyond" side, thus easing its rigid line. It is a closed, 2-meter-high structure with a woven composite mesh on its side walls, which ensures its opacity in winter even without well-covered vegetation. The drought-tolerant hedge, which withstands local climatic conditions, makes it aesthetically pleasing and natural.

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