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Lake Balaton, gastronomy and parametric design

Réka Mándoky tried to design a fish-bistro that has clear connections to the past of the south-Balaton, especially to the buildings of the first regional plan in the late '50-s, but besides the building's structure and the way how the bistro works reacts to our times. 

My design is based on the concept of a franchise, where parametric design is the tool for adopting the building to its location. This way, the need for the similar look will not result in bad solutions, as it will always react somehow to the surroundings. I think it's important, since Balaton is one of the largest lakes in Europe, that it should not be centralized, but even the smaller towns must have services and values which can make the travelers stop there for a while.


I would like to stay against those nostalgia-based ideas, which want to conserve the Balaton as it was in the 90's, and which makes very hard to carry-out any improvements. I chose cat-fishery as the name of the bistro, because cat-fish is the fish of the year in 2017, and since it is the largest European (and Hungarian) fish, living not in the seas, I think it can make people recognize the true values of the Balaton and Hungary.

Réka Mándoky

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