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Kőrössy villa – refreshing elegance onVárosligeti fasor

It is a special occasion when an architect, commissioned by the same owner, has the chance to rebuild a house after 16 years, to fix the faults that have occurred since then, to refresh the façade and to raise the standard of the building by replacing the elements still missing. Flóra Csabai got this opportunity when she designed the second phase of the renovation of the Kőrössy villa on Városligeti fasor.

During the two world wars and Communism, the building went through tough times. This period ended when the current owner purchased the facility, then a complete reconstruction was made in a number of phases, with saving and preserving value in the focus. As a result, a building complex, today called the Resonator Park, was created which now serves as a forward-looking example of civic value creation, an ensemble of outstanding beauty on Városligeti fasor.


The first thorough renovation was in 1998, when the relief of the gable and the stucco decorations have regained their original appearance, based on a 1904 photo. In the spirit of modern aspirations of the time, floral (sunflower, pear, poppy) and figurative ornamentation was applied on the villa’s façade of special appearance, which – besides its rich symbolic references – has the intimacy of familiarity. Masks lurking between twisted tendrils were the favorite ornaments of Art Nouveau.

The second phase of the villa renovation was carried out in 2015. The second renovation was also based on Flóra Csabai’s plans. The façade became refreshed and colorful. The doors and windows were painted with colors so that their special shape was outlined from the off-white wall. The windows were completed with remanufactured lead-glass windows, which were once made in Miksa Róth's studio.


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