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Kindergarten with modern appearance

Judit Sárosi wanted to create a Kindergarten, where the colors and the rooms make a good impact on the childrens growth. Where, inside the walls a world is waiting for them to grow and learn easilly in a favorable environment.

My final thesis was the implementation of a building, designed during my previous semesters. The building with it’s near 3000 m2 flat floor space functions as a kindergarten for three children groups in the Péchy Blanka square.

The building itself, with it’s simplicity fits into the high apartments which are around it. It has a simple, modern appearance. The weight of the building unfolds by moving towards the inner part. From the outside it represents a unified image. With its wide spaces the building creates a frame around the inner part so it serves the safety of the children and separates the building from the busy city. From the outside on the frontage, there are smaller - greater windows with different parapet heights. The inner surfaces of these windows has the color of the inner rooms. From the building towards the inner garden there are large sized windows.

The rooms are organized around the garden therefore each of them are situated on different sides. The rooms have the same floor maps, but different orientations. Each room has its own playing ground which leads toward the shared sandbox. The rooms have their own bathrooms and changing rooms. Through the changing room we can get inside the playing rooms. The room’s size and color are different from to the other parts of the building. Horizontally the building extend into the common area and vertically it has one extra meter height. I wanted to emphasize the playing rooms, with their different size and color from the other parts of the building.

There is an open, from above covered corridor around the playing ground which gives more space and safety to the garden. I designed square shaped flower boxes from concrete on the corridors wall, where the children can become familiar with taking care of flowers.


Judit Sárosi

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