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K201 – the new community room of the BME Department of Architecture

One room of the beautiful old Budapest Technical University building was transformed into a valuable space where lectures, theses defence, conferences and exhibitions can be organized. The aim of the architects Tamás Szentirmai and János Vági was to create a space which facilitates rather than determines the creation of needs regarding the various functions. The space is structured by a movable storage unit. When open it divides the room into a larger open part and into a more intimate exhibition space. If it’s closed the whole space is one open, undivided room. The wall can be fixed in any position: this creates a flexible, varied space. The conception of lighting, with the harmonisation of direct and indirect lights, also serves different needs. The oak floor pattern and the texture of the storage are in union; and the playfulness of the colourful chairs compensates the whiteness of walls and ceiling.

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