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It's a never ending story

For her diploma, Orsolya Németh have chosen a hunting mansion that is more than 200 years old. It has a proud past, unworthy present and a questionable future. Its purpose is to bring the house's past to the present, so to tell its story further.

The choice of the theme and the location

There are old edifices that can tell hundreds of stories today. I have been fascinated by these buildings and have been always curious about their past and present and have been wondering if there is potential future for these premises. Humans by nature tend to intervene in the nature that has been untouched since the time being. They create something, then improve it, till someone comes, takes some away from it and this process goes on and on…
For my dissertation I have chosen a hunting mansion (Vadász kúria) that is more than 200 years old. It has a proud past, unworthy present and a questionable future. It is located in Györgyháza, east from the city of Győr, Hungary and presents a green oasis among the farming fields. It used to belong to the Fischer family, then the ownership transferred to the Hunting Association and nowadays it is in private ownership and looking for its proper function.

Planning process, concept, function 

The process started with the gathering of the proper information about the history of the building and comprehending all the small detail about the edifice. I familiarised myself with the history of the family from various written sources and gathered fundamental information about the building while measuring it. While measuring the building I could feel that every piece could tell me a fascinating story that this house has seen such as the old windows, the dusty attic with full of old junk and the old stile stove that used to be at the center of the different social events and now it is sadly standing at the corner. If we look closely at the story of each piece we could understand the whys of this magnificent building. With the possession of this knowledge we could take the next step into the unknown future.

During the conceptualisation, I put great emphasis on how to bring the past of the premises into the present. Nonetheless, the ‘then and now’ have quite a tension, there can be common meeting points. I was looking for this meeting point in order to find out about the function of the building. Stories starting in the past and still going on in the present is a meeting point that connects the past and the present of this premises. Through the function of the house, we can keep writing the proud history of this building. The chosen function of the house is for events, unique weddings, official forums, family gatherings, wine tasting evenings and team buildings and trainings. These functions are additionally complemented with gastronomy and accommodation opportunities.

Form, design of volume, usage of material

My formulated hypotheses supported me with finding out the perfect form, appearance so that the building will honour its glorious past. As the consequence, there is the simple design of the volume and the reason for the chosen material. It is a conscious decision that the new structures do not want to match with the old structures, thus the history of the building is visible to anyone. The smooth, filigree appearance of the metal structure does not grab the attention the spectators therefore they can be under the influence of the old hunting mansion. In addition, wood as a natural material also appears in the structure.


My primary objective with my dissertation is to give the opportunity to this old hunting mansion to have a proud future so that its story can go on. It could set a good practice to people in decision making positions about the real value of such buildings and show the society that the usage and functions of these buildings are countless.

Orsolya Németh


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