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Island of tranquility - the project of Nirmana

How can we create a building around which a modern residential area and a former industrial zone complement each other? The project of Péter Vékony and colleagues is a perfect synthesis for the building of National Media and Infocommunications Authority.

The antecedent of the design was an open, confidential tender, which formed the basis of initiating the project. The tender competitor, NMHH discussed the content and logical principles in more details, depth and demand than one could have expected in similar tenders.

The preparation of the tender required disciplined architectural and creative work. The first prize of the tender was awarded to Nirmana Architectural Bureau, which was commissioned to execute the project afterwards.

The preparation of the design started with the analysis of the tender work, after that the constitutor started to work out the operational model. The methodology of the designer and constitutor created instruments supporting each other to voice the common goal.

Frequent consultation and plan adjustments were especially important in this project, as the majority of the building gives home to world-standard technical devices, and also for special services and science development.

Keeping the dispositions determined by the tender did not meet any obstacles. The "unelaborate" nature of the plan became obvious after the birth of the detailed programme.

We handled the building as an entity; there is no single part that would not play an important role in the operation. Consequently, the architectural concept cannot be hierarchical: it follows the principle of "primus inter pares".

It is not an exaggeration to say that the possibilities provided by the building site and the finalized plan are in perfect harmony. The designed building is not a separate block, it can be defined with the existing site: functionally they are complementing each other.

Péter Vékony



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