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Irregular geometry: St. Barbara Hospital

Designing the new central block of St. Barbara Hospital in Tatabanya and its new nursing units, Gábor Pályi and his team's concept was to show diversity. The result is a peaceful, cheerful, stress relieving building. 

It was Tatabánya's desire to concentrate the fragmented hospitals on one place. 17 years ago as the first phase of this project, the old city hospital and a pavilion was built with straight and curved wings and with 200 bed in it. The second phase of the hospital's development was completed in 2015, creating the new central block, the existing wings interior renovation and their transformation.

The renovations affected the operating room, the intensive care unit, the CT and MR premises and other diagnostic imaging units. The new emergency department has been created by the construction of the internal areas and the building of a brand new indoor heated paramedic parking.

There are 4 wings in the general levels. The operating room, the intensive and the coronaria care are on the first floors while the patient intake and the consultation are on the groundfloor. The new medical imaging unit is in place of the old warehouse site: the basement. The simply, bright facade with the irregular shaped grey windows and doors and the diversity of colours offer a good healing place for patients. 


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