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Intermodal node of Őrmező

MARP Ltd. won shared first prize plan on the architectural competition for the following plan. Separating the different modes of transport, it is more safe and easy to change from one to another.

The site is located at the southwestern gate of Budapest, on the property between Budaörsi út and Kelenföld Railway Station. Presently a separate-level connection is lacking in this area, so the district has got in a kind of 'resting' state. Nevertheless, the zone has unbelievable potentials due to the close vicinity of the most important road (M1/M7 highways) and railway networks, which will be completed with the infrastructure of Subway4 in the future.

Thus this is a unique, unusual situation, which requires an eye-catching building because of the function too, but at the same time the house cannot be completely foreign to its environment. The architects defined a building in the plans, which was formed by the complex criteria of urbanism, transportation, infrastructure, functions and architecture, but the answer given for the peculiar spatial and terrain situation dominates as well.

The terminal building was designed as an amorphous glass pavilion appearing like one single volume under the landscape-like roof element. Under the same roof there is another mass of the 500-place P + R parking garage. The architects planned a bicycle storage of 200 total places, next to the terminal.

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