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Interior design of Avis Budget Group office in the Green House

Multicultural community and expectations of Y generation were the main points from planning the office building and making up the interior design even to choosing pieces of furniture. Communal spaces have a large proportion and they are used continuously in case of prompt communication. This is the spirit of AVIS Budget Group Shared Service Center's office at Green House, Budapest.

Avis Budget Group SSC office is located in Budapest, on three levels of the Green House Office Building. The office, in accordance with the expectations of Generation Y focuses on the use of public space. Open space facilitates rapid communication, which is key for service work. The office is a well-lit and open area where most of the work is conducted while the less frequently used spaces are found inside, such as meeting rooms, breakout areas, printer islands and the kitchen.

Avis Budget Group office in the Green House, photo: Tibor Zsitva

There are three predominant design concepts in the Avis office: the traveller (urban, airport), close to nature (bird nest design, urban) and Avis’ powerful use of colour in its image and logo. The reception and lobby area reflect nature’s design through the use of earth tones and patterns and has the capacity to accommodate 3-400 people in 400 square meters. The complex multimedia system with projectors and the lobby furniture can be easily converted into a multifunctional space by the use of adaptable mobile walls. A 150 square meter conference room can be closed off from the large space, and can hold up to 60 people. It can also be divided into two separate rooms for 30 people with sliding walls.

Avis Budget Group office in the Green House, photo: Tibor Zsitva

The central design concept highlights one of the company’s main fields of service that is car rental and its focus is based around the topic of travelling: nature’s bright colours and the tree-studded silhouette of the urban world leads the passage through the work area. In the vast open office space consists of straight and 120degree Herman Miller benches that create corners ideal for one-on-one meetings. Recreational zones make the open office space homier while the break areas can be used for informal meetings as well as conducting private phone calls. Europa Design’s custom built, unique breakout room furniture called Stargate is ideal for relaxing. In Avis office, there are active and passive recreation rooms, workers can either enjoy a game of foosball (kicker) or recharge their batteries while relaxing on a bean bag.

Avis Budget Group office in the Green House, photo: Tibor Zsitva

The colourful enclosed phone booths can be used by one or two people for calling or conducting meetings and have a glass wall on one side similar to the larger meeting rooms. Each meeting room’s main wall has a particular motif or image that represents the city in which Avis’ office can be found as well as the international airport code of that city. A summary of the office's design can be found in the dining room on each floor. The first-floor kitchen’s wall paper looks like an airport information board entailing a design inspired by travel. A floor above natural design is embodied in a living green wall consisting of plants. On the third floor the bright colours of the Avis’s logo (with orange, red and blue) reflect a comic book styled illustration that is equally shown by the vibrant colours of the chairs in the dining room.

The office’s modern design concepts on the walls and carpets when used in conjunction with Europa Design’s office furniture create a youthful and vibrant work environment.

Europa Design

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