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Institutionalized transparency with architectural tools

It was not the first time that Nartarchitects and the customer collaborated on a projects. Thanks to this depth knowledge the designers were able to articulate the company's approach to architectural tools. 

Built next to the boulevard in a Hungarian provincial town in the seventies, this schematic socialist modernistic office building got completely obsolate by the millennium. Since the owner did not want to have it completely demolished, using the given possibilities of the building we had to design a new spatial structure and look.

With an additional storey built on the originally two-storey high building and with the opening of the originally walled courtyard possibilities arose for creating new space and volume, a transparent, light-filled building. The exterior appearance of the building is defined by powerful perfectionism, while the interior is characterized by ease of humane tone.

Csaba Kovács
leading architect and interior designer, NARTARCHITECTS

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