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In water and mainland - project for the finish line tower

Maximized experience for the fans and reduced operational costs, this is the project of János Gyergyák, Ádám Berta and Péter Attila Koronczi. The compact desing encompasses fans and sportsman alike.


The fundamental concept of the rowing course, regarding the built and natural environment, derives from its compact nature. Our objective was to create a sport- and nature-oriented environment, in which both sportsmen and fans can have the greatest experiences, while its costs of sustenance can be considered minimal.

Finish line tower

We have combined the functions of the finish line tower, VIP-building and the grandstand in one building. We have made a staircase, two public and an operational lift in the center of the building to connect the ground floor with the others vertically. We have also formed a grand staircase connecting the lobby with the first floor.

We have placed rooms for media and press purposes on the second floor, while the rooms for organizing competitions have been formed a floor above. The first floor means to welcome VIP guests with a full view onto the “water and the dry arena”. The top floor functions as a broadcasting platform with all of its functions at the same place.

The mass of the building has received an immense horizontal division with off-centered and shifted floors. From the bottom to the top, the cantilever floors are gradually shortening in the direction of the stand. The surfaces and materials of the building react to the dynamics of sports. The building radiates pulsation and energy, by means of its board covering, colors and division.

János Gyergyák, Ádám Berta, Péter Koronczi



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