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In the move again – extension plan of an institution for disabled persons, Debrecen

Attila Gulyás and Gergő Batizi-Pócsi made a concept for redefining and extending of an institutionfor disabled persons in Debrecen.Using simple utensils, the architects attached a new, U-shaped wing to the delapidated old volumes. An ensemble with stirring forms was born which can be used well and gives modern conditions to the residents. Forming the volumes, it was an important aspect to achieve a constant moving to the cubes with good proportions and to give opened and wind-protected terraces and courtyards for the disabled people. Towards to the interior, the building is getting to calm down, creating peace in the courtyard. On the northern side, the volume is closed, but the southeastern and southwestern elevations got large openings with moveable shutters. In the community spaces, a bigger headroom could be realized thanks to the covering with lean-to. Thrift was a main aspect by the used materials, so the extant brick cladding of the old buildings was wrapped with thermal insulation and white plaster. In the meeting points of the blocks containing a group room, a developing room and a toilet, the community spaces (dining and serving room), the head office, an infirmary and a toilet block were placed. On the northern side, the functions desiring less lighting were put for example mechanical rooms. The community spaces could be joined the circulation area so in the extended space could be organized various events, but they could be separated as well. In the aspect of form and used structures, simplicity, continence, thrift and sustainability are typical of the designed building.

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