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Idea Farm – LEN Architects proposal

The Republic advertising agency announced an architectural competition to design the interior of their new office within an old apartment in downtown Budapest. The proposal of the LEN Architects team led by Katalin Fábry and László Román converted the whole area into a multifunctional, inspiring work area for 34 people. The main aim was to create sunny workplaces that avoided people having either to stare at blank walls or face disturbing reflection from monitors. The old partitions were eliminated and flexible furniture was put into the space to divide off different functions such as a meeting room, a working room, a projecting room, and a small gallery for the office leaders. To preserve the interior's original height, the vaults and suspended mechanical engineering pipes and tubes remain visible. A special pillow-wall consisting of sponge-cubes was designed along the longitudinal wall of the working area to place everything needed for work: papers, catalogues, notes etc. The big bay windows contain pleasant reading corners for resting and concentration.

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