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Hungary [746]

Wellbeing of People in Focus

The building mass of the German School of Budapest, the unity of the existing building and the new wing, forms a large-scale sundial. The face of the dial divided into twelve hours refers to the twelve years of schooling. The passage of time and the advancing shadow symbolise the years spent in...

The tomb of Gül Baba and its environment

The tomb with it’s inner garden and the wider environment - the rose garden and Gül baba Street - is a well-graced place of Budapest. However, during the decades, dilapidation became a more and more determining feature in this area. The staying away of visitors and the deterioration of...

Marketplace at Fonyód

The aim of the building transformation is to create a new sales area serving the needs today keeping the original hall and breaking down the old malfunctioning pavilions below. The new marketplace was designed by Gergely Sztranyák.

School and sports hall

The building complex is made up from a renovated, modernized panel structured school and its most defining characteristic is the sports hall’s shed roof that has two functions as it provides the interior with scattered north light and serves as ground for solar panels on the southern slopes of...