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Hungary [720]

Homage to Socialist Modernism - Monument to an Era

Tamás Berecz and Attila Batár approached István Szabó's representative work of socialist modernism as an 'urban found object': slowly stripping away the unnecessary additions and extensions that were distorting the original design. Andor Wesselényi-Garay's exposition suggests the former...

When rural meets urban

When designing this farm house-like home, András Varsányi, Péter Pozsár and Norbert Vas considered some major factors: minimalist ground-plan and the integration of basic forms – yet keeping in mind that a warm and intimate atmosphere is what they want to achieve.

Nursery under a living roof in Zugló

The surrounding residential area with workshops and empty plots has a mismatching urban structure. The architects [Gábor Zimborás, Róbert Kiss] of the building choose an unusual strategy and they formed the building as a landscape object with a slightly sloping green roof. The nursery has a...