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House with a Hundred Rooms – The Symbol of Progress

Paradigma Ariadné’s proposal to the new building complex of MTK football academy with its almost hundred rooms is the representation of progress mirroring the objective of the football academy, which is to provide the institutional background for children development and advancement in football and sport. 

The architects of Paradigma Ariadné decided to design a building which is able to express the common idea behind the notion of development in its very spatial structure, instead of using fashionable architectural tools to express wealth and elegance.

Only one corridor belongs to the house - without any hierarchical service routes - which, on standard state, is a 1.5-meter-wide passage, but where it is needed it can expand to six-meter-wide halls and become a gym, restaurant, and common space. This 434-meter-long enormous space organizing all the rooms and functional needs within the building not only solves many regular problems, like accessibility and shortening all fire escape routes, it also provides a unique interior space.

House with a Hundred Rooms - architects: Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló (Paradigma Ariadné)

Like most of the plans made by Paradigma Ariadné studio that are cultural statements, The House with a Hundred Rooms is also not a building without context. It has roots in vernacular architecture. In the house of Hungarian (and the most European nations) peasants, the numbers of rooms connected by one corridor always represented the role of the owner in the society. More rooms mean more agricultural function in one building, which means more wealth.

The richer you were, the longer house you had. But the mirrored meaning of the peasants' house lies in its possibility to be extended if it is needed. This was also the possibility for social mobility expressed in a spatial form and a possibility of progress. This is the nature of the peasants' house, which we borrowed and used it to a completely different purpose, while the meaning of progress remained.

House with a Hundred Rooms - architects: Attila Róbert Csóka, Szabolcs Molnár, Dávid Smiló (Paradigma Ariadné)

The proposal is not simply a cultural statement but a unique idea to give accessibility to the football and exercise fields from every single dressing rooms and apartments in 10 meters. Or a solution to speed up the implementation of a building. As the House with a Hundred Rooms has only one level without basement the building-process takes only one construction phase. There are no pauses needed during the construction.

Paradigma Ariadné


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