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Hourglass, as a symbol for sports

The project of Dániel Menczelesz shows an hourglass, because " [in] the rowing or canoeing sports [...] people compete with each other and in addition to fighting with the finest opponent, the time". 

Symbolism –The hourglass as a motif and attribute

The hourglass is intended to show the passing of time; it fits perfectly into the world of performance sports. In this case, it is about the rowing or canoeing sports where people compete with each other and in addition to fighting with the finest opponent, the time, fighting with themselves also plays an important role. This way the hourglass-shaped finish tower that symbolizes the passing of time makes sense.

Geometry and use of material

The hourglass-looking finish tower has a specific name in descriptive geometry, the hyperbolic hyperboloid. It is characterized by straight-line surface and lines can be found on it, so-called twisted lines. The hyperboloid has twisted lines in two directions, in the case of this building these are 16-16. In terms of the use of material the twisted lines are (Ø 200 mm) stainless steel tubes, and they also have a load-bearing role. The vertical load-bearing structure is the fire red cylinder, which is made from reinforced concrete and hides also the elevator. The reinforced concrete staircase is wrapped around the cylinder, which is white in colour. The building has a glazed facade. Behind that are pierced and solid red masses, depending on the functions. At the intersections of the 16-16 twisted lines are the white reinforced concrete slabs located.

Functions in the finish tower

At the entry of the building is the immortals hall, where our Europe, World and Olympic champions will receive a plaque as a salute in front of the sport's greats. The mediation room was placed on the fifth floor, which is extended with an outdoor terrace. On the sixth floor, there is an indoor space for the VIP audience, to which also belongs a covered and open terrace. One floor above a seasonally operating open VIP terrace can be found.

Dániel Menczelesz



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