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Hiding from the street front – detached house in Budapest

Erik Halmosi, Benedek Prohászka and Annamária Solymár (Harch design and build) designed a modest, non-aggressive, green-roofed house to Budapest. Because of the unique features of the site the bedrooms, the bathroom and engineering were placed to the basement level, the corridor of which is sufficiently illuminated through the walkable skylights. 

The clients decided for the Harch team on basis of their previous works and the „design and build” approach represented by the office, who deals with planning and implementation as well. As the building to be realized is treated as a finished product, the client needs to deal with fewer problems, the processes are in one hand, and the work is simplified. 

fotó: Schlosser Gábor

The concept included the design of a modest house that is non-aggressive from the outside and livable for a family with three children. Garden connection and the use of durable materials were key aspects. As the plot slopes east, the architects and the clients agreed on placing the bedrooms together with the bathroom and engineering to the basement level. The ground floor serves as the living space of the family, but the study room, guest room, walk-in closet and a lavatory with shower can also be found here.

fotó: Schlosser Gábor

The house has green roof which – beyond the energy needs – is favorable from the street’s point of view, which is located high. The architects sought for a material that matches this need both from the aesthetic and the air conditioning point of view, therefore they opted for a mounted, ventilated fiber cement cladding. The building is special for the flood of light arriving to the corridor and the master bathroom through custom-made walkable skylights, which level of illumination is not typical of basements. The team is also responsible for the interior design: a kitchen integrated into bronze wall panels and enlarging the basement doors and windows to full height provide a unique character to the home.

fotó: Schlosser Gábor


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