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Here comes the new market of Békásmegyer

The new hall of the Békásmegyer market and an underground garage have been finished as the first phase of the market and community space development of District III. The realization of the project was developed by Óbuda Group on the basis of the plans by Alfréd Peschka.


Békásmegyer truly deserved a new market as the previous old and worn building was ripe for being replaced. The market of Békásmegyer and its surroundings, located on the square named after Jenő Heltai, were renewed with the cooperation of the government, the capital and the Municipality of District III.

Market of Békásmegyer, Óbuda Group, 2019.


The big investment to be realized in two phases. Opening of the new market hall has created a civilized shopping, administration and meeting facility for the residents of Békásmegyer.

Market of Békásmegyer, Óbuda Group, 2019.


The new market hall is just the first phase of development; the whole project, which is scheduled to end in early 2020, aims to create a new shopping and community space that will improve the comfort of the people living there and the liveability of Békásmegyer.


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