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projects dedicated to health-care and social functions

Comforting Private Dentistry

Universally, everyone's afraid of going to the dentist, but even a nice atmosphere or some comforting words can help in making this encounter a bit more pleasant. Krisztina Fülöp (KOMP Design Studio) had the pleasure to help in the former task when she was designing an Oral Surgery Private...

Dynamic Diagnostics

Just next to the sports centre and a museum of sports in Debrecen, on the eastern side of the stadium, a unique institution has been inaugurated: the Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle and Therapy Centre, designed by Zoltán Győrffy

Hospital in the middle of the city

There is a fine line between a cozy, welcoming environment and an overtly luxurious copy of a hotel. Gergő Fejes who created the new hospital for Medicover aspired to make the patients feel at ease, while maintaining a professional atmosphere needed in a medical center. 

New club for the elderly in Békásmegyer

World is not only for the twenty-year-olds – says the old hit, yet it is important to draw attention to the importance of this from time to time. In Békásmegyer, a multi-functional community place was completed by the design of Péter Bander and Ferenc Törőcsik, which functions as a club...