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György Szloszjár

Maybe this year György Szloszjár be the Landscape Designer of the Year Audience Award winner. All this depends on your votes, your vote on your well.

Oppositely to the Budapest based projects introduced last year, I focus on the EAST this time. Different scales and budgets, but the same motivations: innovation, humble, restlessness. This artistic creativity was driving us at Üllő in an experimental project in which the developing of public spaces came before real estate development and where from limestone and glass we created a series of objects telling the story of the town. The main square of Békéscsaba brought different challenges. We joined the process in the implementing phase with set expenses and huge expectations. And finally China, where we were entrusted with the landscape architecture assignments of two large scale housing developments at Dongying and Mingxi. Mountains were raised, lakes were formed, open spaces were made more livable on paper. Eventually the smallest was implemented: a contemporary tribute to the famous Hungarian saga: the “Miraculous Deer” at the stand of Pest county at the Chongqing Garden Expo.

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