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Győr [13]

Rakpart22 - Condominium and Office Building

The Rakpart22 is the first work of the newly formed Olla Architect Studio. It is their intention to put freshness in the property market in Győr, highlighting the mushroom-style growing condominium. The design details, the materials and the fresh colors are all intended to serve this purpose.

Perforated spaces – activity house in Győr

Imola Kristóf designed an activity, education and leisure center for people with disabilities. The volumes and spaces of the building are both separated and connected by large perforations and breakthroughs – creating clearings and passages between closed and open spaces, inner courtyards...

Architectural school for children

Strating school after the free plays of kindergarden, sitting in strict classrooms and concentrate is not easy at all and is not an ideal environment for little childrens. Ágnes Herdics planned a school in an existing building, which provides space for creative work and which spaces can be...

Indoor swimming pool - Győr

There will be a new sport center in the downtown of Győr and its first element is a new swimming pool designed by Attila Bodrossy and the Dimenzió Office. With its metallic structure the new building fits well in the unfortunate favored environment.