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Graphisoft Park, IBS Residence

The hostel was designed for the students of IBS — International Business School - by Vikár András, Lukács István, Bencsik Tamás, and Gál Árpád. Its free-standing mass is constructed of three parts, within a Y–like layout. 

Its four-storey section rises above the other two one-storey lower wings. In this way the protected courtyard, leading toward the entrance, is embraced on both sides by the lower mass wings which stick out toward the street. The unit of the three mass elements is reinforced and held together by an external contour along a continuous line.

The entrance is located in the intersection of the wings, on the street-facing narrower facade of the four-storey building section. Above it, at the gravity centre of the building, the communal spaces are placed. On every floor large glass surfaces provide natural lighting; and this comes across as the most punctuated facade of the building. The lifts and staircases are to be found in this part, and also the central corridors toward the wings branch out from this common space. The room units are along these corridors.

IBS Residence - architects: Vikár András, Lukács István - photo: Bujnovszky Tamás

To cover the facade we used two different textured, smooth and striated ceramic tiles, both of the same colour. These tiles seemingly arranged without any structure, as a result of their varied texture reflect the same colour in different tones according to the angle they are viewed from and the time of the day. The grey ribbon window stripes, which give the facade a horizontal structure, form angled connections at their corners. This coupling of the glass stripes to the façade is formed by lifting out the level of the stripe windows to the level of the panelling.

IBS Residence - architects: Vikár András, Lukács István - source: Vikár és Lukács


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