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Goldberger Textile Museum, student interior design competition - Zsolt Péteri, Ármin Zsigmond

The plan of Zsolt Péteri and Ármin Zsigmond was ranked as a runner-up project in the Goldberger Textile Museum student interior design competition. Their concept for the exhibition can be divided to three parts that can be separated physically too, where textile bands help in the orientation of the visitors - referring to the original function of the building. The chintz with blue print effects, stretched between steel cylinders, directs people along the exhibition as 'they were inside the machine'. Basically, the plant in Óbuda was specialized in the preparation of textile but the necessary machines were produced here as well, so as a quotation empty, 'yet not used' cylinders are also placed in the installation. A gallery (apparent from beneath too) runs along the rear end of the hall, where - like on a runway - the manikins can be seen dressed up in the products of the factory.

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