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Gödöllő [14]

Beekeeping Training Facility

The diploma-work of Patrik Futó focuses on the beekeeping tradition in Gödöllő with the help of a plan made for an institution for educational and conservatory fuctions. The imagined buildings are made of natural materials and assimilate into the campus already installed in the area.

Wolf Pit

By subverting its own name, the design of Csenge Kővári uses the concept of trapping wolves for a scientific research center, whose aim is to protect the species. The plan strives for hierarchy and strictness — just like a pack.

Intensive fish rearing

Knowing the university training program I chose this topic because it dealt specifically with the agricultural engineering training of fish husbandry. The school is located in the same area as a livestock operation, but the closest place to find a similar institution in connection with fish...