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Gáspár Virág Anna [11]

The landscape of the ceiling

Today’s great question is how to deal with the space we are running short on the Planet - an in our cities. This project - designed by LAB5 architects - is an experimental residential unit, a refurbishment of an existing apartment in the centre of Budapest, built in the 50’s.

Skanska HQ – Budapest

"Thanks to the fact that Skanska's office is in a building developed and built by Skanska, we show the original surfaces of the structure, the rough concrete ceiling becomes an elegant part of the interior. We use tools of land-art and we plant little living forests in the interior." Designed by...

Searing Hot Fiber Cement

The Interspar in Tatabánya underwent a complete reconstruction. LAB5 architects, as the designers of the renovation, took the city's history of mining activities as an inspiration and created a cave-like cement entrance for the building, which remained an inviting and attractive structure with...