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Garden Interlude - Museum Library Complex of Sopron

As his project-work, Kazi Zsolt imagined the rejuvenation and extension of the Museum Library in Sopron, that relies on the natural orientation of the city's topography and creates a place which is suitable for cultural activities.

The aim of the project is to create a library complex which contains regional and historical volumes and is also suitable for conducting lectures and cultural programmes, with the addition of block rehabilitation in the city center of Sopron relying on the area's natural directions.

The building fits neatly into the existing installation and scale of the area. In terms of material use, the building has a brick facade cladding, a symbol of naturalness and a reaction to the simple use of materials in the surrounding buildings. This is divided by rawer, more passive concrete surfaces. The two main building blocks are connected by a covered open passage organized by the garden.

Gallery, building on Deák Square - architect: Zsolt Kazi


The major parts of the project are the gardens, which will appear as denser parks in the outer layers of the area and will gradually become thinner towards the inner space, allowing for a more open and transparent space with the garage beneath. Each building has private garden lanes, which represent the extensions of the interior.

Zsolt Kazi


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