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Gábor Alföldy

Maybe this year Gabor Alfoldy be the Landscape Designer of the Year Audience Award winner. All this depends on your votes, your vote on your well.

Country houses and their historic gardens has been of my special interest since my childhood. It is a special favour that my job at Forster Centre is connected to the greatest parks of Hungary. I seek for a harmony between theory and practice in this field: my work extends from historical research and conservation plans through working out projects and project leading up to the organisation of maintenance. Conservation should strictly be based on research – I follow this principle in my projects. An achievement was that, not indepentently from my lobbying, Hungary can spend approx. 16M EUROS for the conservation of historic gardens between 2009 and 2015 through a special grant scheme. It is much more money than available any time before. The ʻprojects’ in my portfolio are: Research Documentations and Conservation Plans, Projects of Forster Centre, and the Restoration of Dég Park.

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