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Future visions for Venice – living in the water

For the City Vision international competition, Péter Dóczé DLA and Mária Magyar DLA envisioned two possible futures for the city of Venice. With their proposal, they wanted to draw attention to the increasing likelihood of a global climate catastrophe and tried to seek sustainable solutions for survival. The first version presents a more apocalyptic vision, where people live in high-tech capsule homes among the ruins of former cities submerged with water. The elements of the cell-like structures link in a complex network of self-sufficient colonies called “Jin-Jang City” with solar collectors offset in the surface. To produce energy, small power plants were placed under water to exploit the water’s ebb and flow. In the second version, called “Venezia Floating City”, petal-like floating structures on the water give home and workplace to survivors. Like islands turned inside out, public squares and apartments can be approached from the central spiral ramps. At night, these petals float like burning candles, forming a membrane between water, earth and sky; and past and future, dead and living worlds.

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