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Forestry railway

The forestry railway [designed by Borbála Bagi as her diploma] is not only a simple vehicle that helps the excursionist to get to the mountain and reduces the traffic and the pollution but is also an experience. Gyöngyös is the gate of the Mátra, the task of the railway is to explore the valleys of the mountains and to create the possibility to approach the hilly areas. An important project is to raise the quality of the Gyöngyös’s main station.

Development concept

The current stop is obsolete and chaotic. There are two remaining buildings on the site, these will determine the two axes of the new development. On the first axis - which is determined by the remise - are located all the functions that are responsible for receiving passengers. The remise could be visited as a showroom. The waiting hall evokes the forest atmosphere of the railway. It is shaded with wild grapes. In the hall structure, the cafe-treasury building is placed as an independent wooden box.

The other axis has all the functions that are responsible for the operation of the railway: coach, repair shop, laundry, fuel station, warehouse, office and the social building of workers. There is a playground between the two axes, which is prepared for the main audience, for the children while they are waiting.


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