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Földes László [15]

Two in one house

The family-house is situated in the Buda hillside area where traditional, 19th-century upper-middle-class and „Swiss-type” villas can be found, overtaken by the offspring of bygone architectural trends. In this context the architect has to find the right answer: whether to think...

Almásy-Wenckheim Castle, Gyula

With the help of László Földes and his team, the old castle of Gyula got a new and spectacular look. The exteriors as well as interiors are restored and express luxury with application of a contemporary language, using extravagant lights and showcases connecting the classiness of the past to...

Nursery in Nagykovácsi

Földes Architects (László Földes, Péter Sónicz) designed such nursery in Nagykovácsi that can create or behave like a community center. These new buildings combine the rustic archetype and the Scandinavian elements.

Paradoxon: reconstruction of a villa in Buda

The villa in Buda, what was renovated by László Benczúr ifj. and Miklós Weichinger, is a reminiscent of the early 20th century. The building is a mixture of old and new, contemporary elements, it's kind of a paradoxon and it won the 3rd place of the Creaton Architectural Competition. 

Black and White House

The Black and White House is situated in Kamaraerdő, one of the most pleasant parts of Budaörs, a small and prestigious garden suburb of the Hungarian capital Budapest. László Földes and Péter Sónicz's main idea was not a simple addition, rather adjusting an entire new annex to the...

Booked for ever

Minimalist design meets everlasting intellectual values. A temple of books shaped into a long brick house in the side of the Big-Proud Peak, Hungary, from Foldes Architects.