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Fluid Light stripes - new border crossing point between Hong Kong and Shenzen

Daniel Santos and Andy Chang took part an international competition for the new border crossing point between Hong Kong and Shenzen. The winner design of the Passenger Terminal Buildings (PTB) of Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point (LT/HYW BCP) include one pedestrian link and four vehicular bridges crossing Shenzhen River. A new design and people-oriented” harmonize with the neighborhood as the building follows the natural forms of Shenzhen River. The main pedestrian corridor (transit area) is one continuous space covered with skylight creating an enjoyable elegant space while crossing the border. The three main functional requirements the Shenzhen and Hong Kong side and bridge are creating one continuous single piece of element. In the design one of the most important leading aim was to create an environmental friendly sustainable green building. We used sun-shading covering on the whole façade according to the sun position and the compass. We try to keep clean and simple the plan, according to the functional requirement. The building will be finished expectedly in 2018.

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